Beach to Bar Beauty

Beach to Bar Beauty

For many of us when we are away somewhere hot and sunny on our holidays we find ourselves in a bit of a mad scramble when it comes to getting off the beach back in time for a restaurant dinner and cocktails and nobody wants to look like a hot and sweaty mess, especially if you do come straight from the beach to the bar. Luckily these days there are so many fantastic beauty products out there that will have us looking gorgeous in a matter of minutes.

If you know that you are one of those people that usually has to be dragged away from the beach so that you don’t miss the buffet and consider yourself something of a beach babe then you can continue to emulate this look even when you’re not by the waves. You don’t even need to take that much with you to the beach to ensure that you stay looking your best, and with a few choice products and our great tips here, you can be certain that you’ll be looking gorgeous no matter where you are on holiday.


A great idea is to wear your hair up or in braids when you’re going to be at the beach all day and know that you won’t have time to go back and style and wash it. When you are getting ready to go, then simply take it down to reveal gorgeous waves that a mermaid would be jealous of. If you are prone to frizz then take a tiny bottle of Argan oil with you in your beauty arsenal to tame your luscious locks and to make them shine too. Always take a mini comb too and spare hair bobbles if you decide to put your hair up again but in a more coiffed style.


After a long day in the sun then you can find that your face is a little shiny what with the salt, sun cream and natural skin oils, so take a little packet of blotting sheet to mattify your face. There is no point putting a heavy product on since you’ll be rocking that sexy sun-kissed look anyway, so instead use a little translucent powder to take the final edge off the shine and to let your skin speak for itself. Avoid liquid and heavy eye liner that can melt and run in the heat and opt instead for a creamy and shimmering eye shadow that will look great with your tan. Add a little waterproof mascara and some tinted lip balm and you have a subtle yet gorgeous summer look.


If you’ve got time then use some cooling after sun spray to help look after and prolong your tan and to keep your skin looking hydrated. Then add a spritz of a summery and light body spray for a scent of something lovely and you will be pretty much ready to go. Summer spritzes are cheap and come in plastic bottles – don’t risk your perfume at the beach!

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